João Frade was born on April 1983, he´s the only musician in the family. Due to the friendship of his father and professor Hermenegildo Guerreiro, he develop at a young age a musical vein, playing with plastic instruments (accordion among many others). By the age of 8 he starts getting accordion and music theory lessons and soon becomes an award winning musician across all Portugal contests and competitions. Over all João has win more than twenty competitions for accordion and General Arts contests, like the National and Iberic accordion championships, the Alto Minho Competition twice, amount others… Tv appearances and TV shows performance in all Portuguese Channels and international TV’s with solo or different projects are also in João career. At the age of 15 he starts getting interested in different music styles, making improvisations the next step. And by the age of 17 plays for the first time in a jazz club, making this the beginning for performances with different groups.

 On august 2002, João arrives in France in the C.N.I.M.A, to get prepared for the world most important accordion competition. Due to this intensive training and a new method with teacher Jacques Mornet and his team and also the previous mentoring of the excellent Professor Hermenegildo Guerreiro, João wins the Castelfidardo Competition and the French competition “LE TEIL”. 

 After France a new stage begins with new ideas, new ways and musical research. In a winter Jam session he meets Tuniko Goulart, they start playing together, mixing Portuguese with Brazilian music, with a taste of jazz.

This period was the spark that João needed to live for the Music. Now he makes his musical research alone trying to bring his roots (Algarve folk music) and mixing it with all the influences he has.

He gave many concerts and played in jazz and World Music festivals around the world in countries like: USA, France, Spain, Andorra, Russia, Finland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Brazil, Canada, China, etc. 

João played side by side with groups and musicians like Flora Purim , Airto Moreira, Munir Hossn, Paulinho Lêmos, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Kirk Lighsey, Tuniko Goulart, Yami, Lura, Tcheka, Raphael fays Trio, Adiafa, O´questrada, Gil do Carmo, BBL, Pierre Aderne, Carmen Souza, Mário Laginha, Maria João, Zé Eduardo, Pedro Jóia, Manuel de Oliveira, Raúl Rodriguez, Mayra Andrade, Daniel “Tato” Moraes , Guy Giuliano, Paulo de Carvalho, Marian Petrescu, Ivo Papasov, Stanley Jordan , Hiromi Uehara group, Marito Marques, Robi Botos, Marenostrum,  among others! 

Nowadays João works hard on his main projects; Solo project, Pedro Jóia Trio, Maria João e Mario Laginha iridescent, Odeon-Conexion (Duo with the French accordion player Guy Giuliano), Marenostrum , Jorge Pardo Quinteto , Cicero Lee, IBÉRIA, and his own project Piriquitos e Botonetes with Munir Hossn with a second  album coming out on 2016.

All these experiences and skills made João a respected musician in Portugal and around the World. His hopes are to always meet today´s changing public demands offering his best in each and every concert. Experience a unique and special concert from this Musician who says that the most beautiful thing in the world it´s MUSIC! 


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Cicero Lee – Ventos (sintoma records) | Marenostrum – Arraia Miúda | Fanfarra Alfares- Promessas Absolutas (Ocarina) João Frade e Munir Hossn – Piriquitos e Botonetes | Mude – Trip | Maria João e Mario Laginha – Iridescent (Universal) | Munir Hossn – Made Nordeste | Fanfarra Alfares – Bonitas Canções Maltditas | Ritinha Lobo – Joia Criola (HM musica) | Manuel de Oliveira – Ibéria 10 anos (cd/dvd) | Mestre Cante – A alma do Alentejo Universal (com Adiafa, Janita Salomé, Paulo de Carvalho, Rui Veloso) | Carminho – Canto (Warner Music) | Carmen Souza – Katchupada (Galileo Music)|Carmen Souza – Protegid ( Galileo Music ) | Kiko Berenguer – Aire (KB) | João Pires – Lisboando | Marito Marques – Magic Everywhere (Gmp Recording studios) | Gabriel Tchiema – Mungolé | Eduardo Paim – Etu Mu Dietu | Maui – Viaje Interior (Imports) | Fanfarra Alfares – Bonitas canções malditas |Tonito – Mafumeira | Dionisio Rocha – 60 anos de carreira | ZilverZurf – Howling dogs lost souls (Poets Club Records) | Les victoires de l accordéon – (Cristal Records) | Baile Popular – (Capitol Records) | Luis Represas – Cores (Just for you records) | Tedy Santana – Tambour du prince | Marta Dias – Quantas Tribos | Yami – Beijo de Luz | Cicero Lee – Those who stay | Pierre Aderne – Bem me quer Mar me quer | Nuno Montalto – Feelings | Domi June – Faces | Gemma Abrié – Amalgama | Nuno Montalto – Do you Remember | Sul Azul – Marenostrum

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